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Cintas Corporation () is an American company with headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, that provides specialized services to businesses, primarily in North America. The firm designs, manufactures and implements corporate identity uniform programs and provides entrance mats, restroom cleaning and supplies, tile and carpet cleaning, promotional products, first aid, safety, and fire protection products and services.

Cintas is a publicly held company traded on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the symbol CTAS and is a component of the Standard & Poor's 500 Index.

The company is one of the largest in the industry with 35,000 employees in 2017. Revenue in fiscal year 2016 was $4.905 billion and net income was $693.52 million. Fortune in the United States, named Cintas among its "Most Admired Companies" for eight consecutive years, and Report on Business Magazine named the company one of Canada's Best Employers.

Cintas has been featured on episodes of the reality television series Bar Rescue and Hotel Impossible.

A former back Service Sales Representative at Cintas shared this in a review Instally, being a SSR (driver) for Cintas seemed very straight forward. You go to clients and replace uniforms, rugs, and house keeping stuff. 100% manual labor and on a tight schedule but the job is doable. As soon as you get your own route however, they expect you to start pushing new products or adding things to your new customer. In addition to selling things, you're also expected to do customer service for all of your customers. They push a four day work week as a positive but even after maximizing my efficiency, I was still working 50 hours in 4 days. Management will add stops to your route or add extra work and not seem too concerned if it's too much. They are only concerned with the bottom line and raising their stock prices. At the end of the day the job they expect you to preform is extremely underpaid and the culture from higher ups is basically you should be thankful you have the privilege of doing this job.


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Current Employee - BPS says

"Low pay, Tons of people on site and no reason for all of us to work in the office."

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative (CSR) says

"Management does not like to help when you need help"

Former Employee - Service Sales Representative says

"Insane price structure Deceptive sales tactics Co. thinks of itself as premium but delivers sub std. products"

Former Employee - Sales Service Representative says

"Bonuses are nice and can be earned if wanted"

Current Employee - Facility Services Sales Representative says

"Micro managed. As an employee, you are just a number. Lack of growth opportunities. They hype up that you will grow in two years time following a streamlined program. But you have to wait/hope someone higher up gets a promotion or leaves and that doesn’t occur too often"

Former Employee - Folder says

"Be prepared to fix other people's mistakes. Management doesn't listen to you but expects you to work with the problem. They won't fix the problem even after they are told what is wrong. Then they get mad if you take to long while you are fixing it on your end."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Toxic environment, fake energy, questionable sales tactics from some managers"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"They took advantage of the ones that knew how to do everything and refuse to acknowledge their work."

Former Employee - Route Service Sales Representative (RSSR) says

"Hostile work environment, zero support from management, made to think your a part of something, when really your just a number and expendable. If your looking for a job with a future, keep looking."

Former Employee - SSR - Support Services Representative says

"You are only a number, they will try to work you to death and when you voice your opinion your a target by management. They dont practice what they preach."

Maintenance Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Upper management treat their employees so poorly it’s unbelievable. They lie to everyone,they are racists of the worst kind . They look down at all people of minorities and purposely hire people who are disadvantaged because they can control them and use them as they see fit . The worst part of the company cult is them trying to force religion beliefs on their employees by trying to make it mandatory to force employees to read religious garbage . Pathetic place to work ."

Equipment Maintenance Tech (Former Employee) says

"Cintas is the worst employer I have worked for. Cintas claims they are Spartan, which is another word for cheap. They have terrible benefits, terrible pay. Cintas hires a lot of illegal immigrants.NoneLow pay, bad benefits"

Accounts receivable /Office Support (Former Employee) says

"Cintas allows manager's to degrade, insult and lie about their staff They discourage work friendships and discipline people for talking to co workers on breaks. Cintas doesn't offer proper training, have inexperienced managers with little to no eunderstanfing of how to manage a team, and offer little compensation for heavy work load. Stay away from this company.NoneMany. Little pay, high stress, scrutiny, toxic environment"

Route Service Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Was a employee there for 3 years and laid off due to covid 19 the management team and general manger only care about themselves also company wants you to do everything when it comes to customer but don’t want to pay you more money"

Utility (Current Employee) says

"First shift has to take care of all the left behind stuff from 2nd shift and they dont bat an eye, but anytime one of us leaves a crumb we get harassed about it, we used to get monthly lunches and now that covid is here they use the excuse of not making enough money and proceed to tell is two months later that we are doin financially well for our situation and then give us the news about our raises being taken away for who knows how longThey took all the pros awayThis company itself is a con"

Accounts Receivable (Current Employee) says

"If you drink their Kool-aid, you have given up everything. There is no happy medium there. Training is very very limited. They say they is room to grow, but only if you drink their Kool-aid. There is no morale. Very crooked company to work for.Very limited staff are great to work with.Crooked company"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I did a job that was meant for 2 people by myself. Begged for help and was laughed at. The harassment from my supervisor was bad. A boss should never say "my wedding band comes off does yours" or "I'm sure your husband would love a gentle spanking, I know I do" . Just a couple examples!Great hourswasn't allowed to take more than 1 vacation day at a time"

Utility Operator (Former Employee) says

"Other than the mass “layoffs”during the covid Outbreak, they treat you like your a 2nd class citizen. They buy lunch almost daily for 1st shift and tell them to eat up while 2nd shift shows up and starts work to people carrying boxes of pizzas home to there families and then the managers saying they earned it . They would work us to pick up the slack from 1st shift and then we would get done early and we would have to sit there for upwards of 3 hours with nothing we can do night after night. They promote people to positions to get rid of them instead of firing for lack of work they would put them in a leadership role to get them out of that area they were horrible at... all and all could be a great place but pay was not great and management don’t care 1/10 stars The three people you work with embrace the suck and you become closer friendsEverything"

Wrap out (Former Employee) says

"The management team don't know their heads from their butts. You ask a question they never get back to you with an answer. I wad furloughed for a month and had to use my unemployment in order to get paid and then had no Healthcare insurance either that month."

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Cintas is a terrible company to work for. For the first 3 months you're paid great (Starting at $19/hourly) but after that, they put you on "route pay" which works out to just about $12/hourly. Cintas demands 12 to 14 hour work days, the overtime is $2 extra per hour. Matt Italisano is the HR rep in Salt Lake and not only does he allow retaliation, he encourages the employee to report anything they see as a concern bit Matt immediate turns astound and lets the person being reported know what was said and by whom. I actually have video and text messages confirming this. The Branch manager in Layton, Steve McCrae was so absent and unfit to lead that the Layton branch was closed. Steve would often sit in his office playing Pokemon GO, but then blame drivers when customers would quit using Cintas. The customers who quit all reported that they were quitting bevause of Steve's negligence and lack of interest toward doing his job. Avoid Cintas at all cost.NothingEverything"

Garment Sorter (Former Employee) says

"They only want to get the clothes out. They don't care about quality or thier employees. Shop rags aren't cleaned properly, neither are the clothes. When you bring it up to management they don't listen to you. Management wasting money on posters that say "No garments left behind". Safety is a joke their. They don't care if you are sick or hurt. Your vacation is limited. They want you to plan your vacation a year in advance. You have to sign papers on what times you go on breaks and to use the bathroom. You will be told to cover for other people's jobs when they don't come into work and to do your job as well.Weekly payNo advancement at all."

Service Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Such a terrible place to work, one manager ruins it for them all and they are too blind to see it. He is the reason why so many people leave. If you go to painsville Ohio cintas, be warned and you'll know who by the time you start working for him.NoneWorking for a terrible boss"

Sales and Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I was encouraged to use disgusting sales tactics involving suggesting that a potential customer's family members might die in front of them if our products were not present to help at their business. I was regularly kicked out of businesses because of the actions of previous people in my role. I've never worked for a more unethical manager."

Management Trainee (Former Employee) says

"I've never complained about a former employer because I have thick skin. However, working at Cintas as a fresh grad was a terrible experience. The management trainee program is a way for the company to pay you virtually nothing for the amount of long hours you'll be working. Not much guidance on how to be successful. They throw you in and expect you to perform. Instead of being rotated through sales, production, office and service, they stuck me in production for 8 months. The shifts started at 6am and I wasn't able to get home before 6pm. Say goodbye to your friends or any personal life you had before accepting a job at Cintas. The company culture is awful. The most corporate place I've ever worked. If you enjoy being a number on the wall this is a great place for you."

Loader (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Cintas for about a year. When Covid-19 happened they laid off half the factory, fired a bunch of people and reduced the hours of everyone who was left.Theu don't pay overtime or holidays and will make you work extra hard to do both of those thinga and than brag to your gace that they are a fortune 500 company. I wouldn't recommend working at Cintas.Staff eventsNo holiday pay, no overtime, promised me a number of promotions and than took them away."

RSR Driver (Former Employee) says

"Was absolutely the worst job. Unless you were buddy's with the site manager you didn't get treated fairly. The unwillingness for pay raises and time off is a issue still today."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Never getting any recognition when you received a letter from a customer about a great job you had done. Manager treating each individual differently. Unfairness in many ways."

Loader/Unloader (Former Employee) says

"They definitely don't take care of there workers and they under pay then as well. The company tries to get as much out of you as they possibly can and give nothing back to you horrible business"

Route Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"They RIP off there customers any chance they get jack prices as often as they can get away with and give the customers the minimum and charge them for items not delivered If your older, gay, black, or disabled they will make it a point to push you out.HR all the way to corp is a joke and looks out for managment alone and if you do (anonymously) report something you get retaliated against personally"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"They grind you down to the last ounce of energy, management not supportive and don't follow Employment Standards Health Act, overall the company did not deliver what promised"

mark says

"Ordered blue Onituska Tiger sport shoes from Cintas Socks in the UK. Turns out that my credit card payment was to a company in China. Guess what arrived ?? Red Nike shoes that were poor quality and marked. No confirmation e-mail for the order from the company, no reply to my request for one, no reply to my dispute that the wrong shoes were delivered. Hopefully the situation will be resolved by my credit card company. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE...YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF"

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